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The goal of creating the fitness and wellness blog was to not only stand out, but also to effectively convert readers. To achieve this, we focused on designing and developing a seamless user experience for the modern audience, while also ensuring that the website's appearance aligned with the brand. Our ultimate aim was to provide a clean and enjoyable platform for readers to consume and engage with the content.

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To create an effective and attractive website, we implemented a minimal and modern design throughout the site. By using infographics and visually appealing images, we were able to engage and appeal to a younger audience. The content was presented in an easy-to-digest format, increasing the chances that it would be well received and supported. Gladwebs handled all aspects of this project, including branding, website design, webflow development, SEO, and web maintenance.

Tailored web assessment.

Customizable plans that suit your business needs perfectly, no matter the size. for personalized package options.

Website audit

Custom quote

Designed for busy business owners who value their time and want a comprehensive assessment of their Webflow site's performance.

  • Thorough evaluation
  • Comprehensive assessment of your website's design, functionality, and user experience
  • Analysis of navigation, performance, and SEO optimization
  • Comprehensive audit report
  • Detailed insights and data-driven recommendations
  • Clear identification of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Strategies to enhance design, user experience, and conversion optimization
  • Expert advice for improving SEO elements and search rankings
Let us take care of the assessment while you focus on taking your business to new heights.
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Assessment Kit

Receive advanced design resources for website evaluation.

Ideal for ambitious website owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Basic design knowledge required.

Get started
  1. What's included:
  2. Free ebook on building a solid foundation for business success (to help acquire basic knowledge)
  3. Exclusive access to premium design assessment resources
  4. Advanced guides, detailed checklists, and interactive worksheets
  5. Learn advanced techniques for website evaluation, user experience analysis, and conversion optimization
  6. Unlock the potential of your website and maximize its impact on your target audience
Customized Design Solution
Custom quote

Receice tailored recommendations and exclusive expertise.

Ideal for businesses seeking tailored design solutions.

Basic design knowledge required.

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  1. What's included:
  2. Exclusive access to premium design assessment resources
  3. Advanced guides, detailed checklists, and interactive worksheets
  4. Unlock the potential of your website and maximize its impact on your target audience
  5. In-depth consultation to understand your premium brand's needs and goals
  6. Customized design recommendations and solutions
  7. Elevate your brand's online presence and create a remarkable user experience
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Trusted web solutions partner.

Creating exceptional web experiences for technology-driven social impact startups through strategic UI/UX design and data-driven business intelligence.
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We are relationship-focused, result-driven, and reliable.

Custom web solutions for your business needs.
Select a plan that is right for you or tailor a solution for more personal results that suit your business needs.
Zero-commitment, top-notch custom partnership. Focus on your business, while we handle the technical stuff.
Transparency, and consistent communication. Helping your business grow and succeed at every step.

Why choose a partner over a service provider?

Advantages of a collaborative partnership.



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Elevate your online presence and stand out.

Be a digital trailblazer and captivate your audience.

Time-saving website management by experts.

By giving website management to the professionals, you can make the most of your time as an entrepreneur. There isn't much time left over after managing various tasks and expanding your firm for website design and upkeep. Let Gladwebs take on the responsibility so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Simplified web solutions for online success.

Partner with Gladwebs for simple, expert web solutions. We take care of all of your website needs, from design and development to ongoing support and maintenance. Leaving behind the challenges of website maintenance and keeping up with design trends. Our extensive services guarantee that your website is current, safe, and successfully optimized.

Streamlined business: Productivity and peace of mind.

Utilize Gladwebs to streamline your company's processes for more productivity and peace of mind. Bid farewell to fixing technological problems and maintaining a website that is always out of date. We will works diligently in the background so you may concentrate on your main company operations while taking advantage of a credible internet presence.

Web maintenance benefits.

Maintain a fast, secure website with 24/7 support.

SEO benefits.

Boost success with increased traffic and revenue growth.
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Support hours

Get expert help with updating and adding new pages to your website with our included support hours.

Monthly reports

Stay informed on your website's performance and improve it with our regular performance data reports.

Performance & security scan

Your site stays clean and safe with our malware and virus protection, and quick fixes for infected files.

Responsive web design

Optimize your website for all devices with expert desktop-to-mobile responsive web design.

Boost website traffic

Keep your website engaging with regular updates for higher Google click-through rates and (ROI).

Website backups

Keep your website safe and secure with daily backups of customer data, blog posts, and new pages.

Competitive advantage

Stay ahead of the competition with our analysis of competitors and reputation management services.

Increase ROI

Maximize your website's return on investment (ROI) with our organic revenue-generating SEO campaigns.

Boost creditability

Build trust and authority with high-quality content that establishes your website as a reliable resource.

Increase traffic

Boost SEO and user experience with targeted keywords and human-focused/user focused writing.

Improve user engagement rates

Engage customers with responsive live chat support, real-time assistance, and compelling content.

Get quantifiable results

Track organic traffic and SERP visibility to evaluate the success of your SEO strategy effectively.

Our projects.

User-centric design for better experiences.

Areas of expertise.

Crafting custom web solutions together.
Website design
Webflow development
Website maintenance
Website solutions consulting
Search engine optimization (SEO)

Our 6-step SEO process.

That will empower users and conquer the search.
Step 1

Building trust and alignment

Begin by forging a genuine bond. We dive deep into your business to align our vision, establishing trust that forms the foundation of our partnership.

Step 2

Defining goals and commitment

Map out your goals with precision. We solidify our dedication through a transparent contract, securing our unwavering commitment to your success.

Step 3

Unveiling digital insights

Navigate through data to unveil insights that propel your digital journey. We blend user expectations seamlessly with search engine prowess to shape a bespoke strategy.

Step 4

Crafting user-centric excellence

Elegantly merge user needs and search engine finesse. Every element of your website is curated to guide users effortlessly, ensuring a meaningful online experience.

Step 5

Building credibility and visibility

Climb the ladder of credibility with strategic link-building and precise local optimization. Your digital presence shines, drawing in your audience and fostering lasting connections.

Step 6

Navigating thriving evolution

Our commitment extends beyond optimization. Monthly reports empower your choices for autonomous growth or hands-on consulting, guiding your website's ongoing evolution.



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Discover the benefits of our...

Simplified onboarding, reliable SEO, and maintenance.
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Markus DeSantos

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Markus DeSantos

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Markus DeSantos

The founder

Membership levels.

Customizable plans that suit your business needs perfectly, no matter the size. for personalized package options.

SEO set up


This is for recently launched websites that have not yet been optimized for SEO. We help you start your SEO journey, the right way. Prior to developing a long-term successful SEO strategy, we establish a solid and healthy foundation for your website. Every SEO package begins with this step.

  • Essentials
  • Keyword list (100)
  • Competitive reports (3)
  • Setting up google analytics
  • Setting up XML sitemap
  • Setting up google business
  • Accessibility focused
  • UX focused
  • Site speed optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Review page
  • Site architecture
  • Image optimization
  • Meta & inline tags
  • Add ALT tags
  • Add & optimize title tags
  • Off-page SEO
  • Add to 3 local directories
  • Search engine submissions
*This package includes five pages per website. Extra pages will cost $100 each.
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Ideal for a business that needs reliable ongoing website maintenance.

Receive 24/7 security and professional upkeep with our starter package.

$25 per additional page over 10

Book a consultation
  1. What's included:
  2. Website design
  3. NO developer hours
  4. BASIC CMS updates
  5. Website security
  6. Continuous uptime report
  7. Monthly security scan
  8. Monthly backup (cloud/external)
  9. Response time (1-2 days)
  10. Website upkeep
  11. Webflow update checks
  12. Testing page & site performance
  13. Testing capture forms
  14. HTML links checks
  15. Viewpoint configuration
  16. Browser checks
  17. Plugin updates
  18. Web accessibility testing
  19. Emergency de-bugging support
  20. Up to 1-10 pages
Protection + Content + Unlimited

Ideal for fast-scaling businesses and includes both design and development.

It ensures higher success and better alignment as your business grows.

$25 per additional page over 40

Book a consultation
  1. What's included:
  2. Website reports
  3. Monthly analytic report
  4. Monthly health report
  5. Website design
  6. Regular check-ins
  7. Exclusive Slack channel
  8. Unlimited developer updates
  9. Unlimited CMS updates
  10. Website security
  11. Continuous uptime report
  12. Weekly security scan
  13. Priority support (weekend)
  14. Weekly backup (offsite)
  15. Response time (24 hrs or less)
  16. Website upkeep
  17. Webflow update checks
  18. Testing page & site performance
  19. Testing capture forms
  20. HTML links checks
  21. Viewpoint configuration
  22. Browser checks
  23. Plugin updates
  24. Web accessibility testing
  25. Emergency de-bugging support
  26. Up to 1-40 pages
  27. Includes hosting

Ideal for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs just getting started.

We provide basic optimization and progress tracking to improve online visibility and drive more traffic.

Book a consultation
  1. What's included:
  2. On-page SEO
  3. 1x Keyword optimized page
  4. OR
  5. 1x Keyword optimized blog
  6. Off-page SEO
  7. 5x Citations
  8. 2x Google my business posts
  9. 4x Backlinks
  10. 1x Guest blog
  11. Website reports
  12. Website health report
  13. Keyword ranking report
  14. SEMrush report
  15. Google Analytics report

Ideal for fast-scaling businesses looking to boost their online visibility and drive more leads.

We provide extensive on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, and progress reports to achieve top rankings and increased revenue.

Book a consultation
  1. What's included:
  2. On-page SEO
  3. 2+ Keyword optimized page
  4. 2+ Keyword optimized blog
  5. Editorial calendar
  6. Off-page SEO
  7. 15x Citations
  8. 8x Google my business posts
  9. 8x Backlinks
  10. 4x Guest blog
  11. Heatmap Integration
  12. Accessible tap targets
  13. Bing local listing setup
  14. Apple maps setup
  15. Website reports
  16. Website health report
  17. Keyword ranking report
  18. SEMrush report
  19. Google Analytics report
  20. Live SEO checklist
Ready to evaluate your website yourself?
Choose DIY assessment kit or guided assessment with strategy session.


For all your web concerns.
What services do you offer for Webflow websites?

We offer design, development, and SEO services for Webflow websites. After the initial project is completed, you have the option to use our maintenance and SEO services or to take advantage of our consulting services to help you maintain and optimize your website on your own.

What are the payment terms for a project?

Our standard payment schedule is 50% upfront and 50% after launch, but this can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Does Gladwebs work internationally?

Yes, Gladwebs is based in Canada but we serve clients globally, offering website design, Webflow development, SEO, web maintenance, and web solutions consulting services for business owners and/or entrepreneurs. We have the skills and experience to deliver high-quality work to clients worldwide.

How much does a website design or Webflow development cost?

We offer customized pricing based on the specific needs of your business. After an initial consultation to discuss your requirements, we will provide you with a transparent and competitive quote. Our minimum engagement fee is $1000. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored web design solutions for your business.

How long does a project take?

Our projects can take anywhere from 2 to 14 weeks.

Why is a website maintenance plan important?

A maintenance plan is crucial for preventing security breaches, ensuring site speed, and making regular backups. It also helps maintain a positive first impression and retain customers.

How do I cancel my service or services with Gladwebs?

To cancel your maintenance plan or SEO service, and we will stop the recurring billing cycle immediately. We will continue to maintain your website for the month that has already been paid.

Can I move my website to Webflow for maintenance?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your website from another platform to Webflow for maintenance and updates. We are experienced in working with various website platforms and can help you make a smooth transition to Webflow. In other words yes, we do website migration.

Will you maintain a Webflow website that you did not build?

Yes, we will maintain any website built with Webflow.  We'll conduct an audit to understand the website's current condition and tailor a package to your business's needs.

How long does SEO take to show results?

The time it takes to see results from SEO varies depending on factors such as the competitiveness of your industry, your domain age and website authority, and the quality of your SEO campaign. Typically, results can be seen within 3 to 9 months.

Do you guarantee SEO results?

No, we do not guarantee specific SEO results. However, we take the necessary steps and work to improve your search engine rankings. If you are not satisfied with your SEO campaign, please and we will make changes to improve your results.

Why is SEO important for my business?

SEO helps increase your online visibility and reach your target audience, it is a cost-effective way to drive more traffic to your website, increase leads, and ultimately boost your revenue. Additionally, it improves the user experience of your website by making it easier for search engines and users to find and navigate.

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